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The Missouri Border War December 31, 2013

I sat down with Amy Hawley at NBC Channel 41 Action News at the office this afternoon. We discussed Missouri State Senator Ryan Silvey’s so called Border War Truce bill he is introducing in Missouri this session. The discussion covered several areas. Kansas has built a business friendly state. We have an aggressive tax policy, have better schools which are getting better, have better roads which are getting better, have a better public safety record, have better Workers Compensation rules, have better Unemployment Insurance costs, and better physician tort insurance laws.

The Kansas Legislature will be willing to work with Missouri as long as the playing field is level. Missouri would have to start by making their economic development incentives discretionary and reducing the tax abatement authority of local units of government to 10 years from 25 years. This would match up with Kansas incentives in those areas.

The interview will run at 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. tonight on NBC Channel 41 Action News (

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